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About the Vineyard at Lockley Farm

About the Vineyard at Lockley Farm, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

There is exciting news at Lockley Farm, Welwyn, as 2022 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the farms history. In late spring of 2022 a new vineyard is set to be planted in a previously arable cereals field at the farm. While there will be a 3-year wait for the first bottle of wine, in the mean time there will be plenty of exciting developments to follow in the vineyard as well as events and open days even before the first bottle is made.

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Help out in the Vineyard at Lockley Farm

A vineyard requires many hours of careful work and maintenance, most of which is done by hand. There are a huge variety of jobs in a vineyard, from picking to pruning. If you decide to get involved you will receive full training and the chance to experience this exciting industry first hand in the fresh air and rolling hills of Hertfordshire. Although we don’t anticipate needing much help before 2023, you never know what the vines may throw at us!

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